The Elizabeth and George L. Sanborn Foundation for the Treatment and Cure of Cancer, Inc., was established in 1998 through the bequest of the late Arlington, Massachusetts resident, George L. Sanborn, in memory of his wife Elizabeth and himself. Elizabeth Sanborn died of cancer in Arlington in 1931. The Sanborn Foundation is an exempt organization under internal Revenue Code,501(c)(3) located in Arlington, Massachusetts.

The mission of the Foundation is to create access to cancer care for residents of Arlington Massachusetts. This is accomplished through grants awarded by the Foundation. Grants are intended to benefit Arlington, Massachusetts residents who have cancer.

Sanborn Foundation funds may be used as follows:

  • To support service, educational and other projects undertaken by practitioners or institutions to improve cancer care
  • To help Arlington residents with cancer meet immediate short-term needs related to the disease and its treatment
  • Fund research on the prevention, treatment, or cure of cancer.