52194695_scaled_80x73Dear Sanborn Foundation
Thank you very much to the Sanborn Foundation for helping me out. I am glad you are there for me, if I need you.

Arlington, MA

71845599_scaled_80x80Dear Sanborn Foundation
The Sanborn Foundation has helped me greatly during a long treatment period. The reliable transportation to and from the hospital which took the stress out of my treatment and the precise arrival time, no financial burden, and wonderful companionship of very caring people has made me very comfortable during this long recovery period. I am very grateful that Arlington provides this wonderful program.

Arlington, MA

71366067_scaled_80x106Dear Sanborn Foundation
I can’t say enough laudatory things about the Sanborn Foundation. Knowing that the cabs will get me to and from my lengthy appointments in Boston is reassuring – one less concern during treatments. Without the Foundations’ support, [staff’s] kindness and ride-arranging, and the drivers, keeping my appointments wouldn’t be possible. I am grateful for the program and their help.

Arlington, MA

76740464_scaled_80x80Dear Sanborn Foundation
I was blind-sided by a diagnosis with a malignant tumor in my colon which spread to my liver. Immediately, my family and friends and healthcare team shared various resources that help people in situations like mine. Yet, without a doubt the Sanborn Foundation tops this list. By far. This hidden gem of a foundation treated me – and still treats me – with dignity and supports my healing process above and beyond what I could ever imagine. I received a very generous grant from the Sanborn Foundation for my medical needs and an added stipend to be used for integrative therapies….I consider the Sanborn Foundation to be one of the gifts received as to why I am healing so well. From the bottom of my healing heart, “thank you”.

Arlington, MA

2222774_scaled_80x80Dear Sanborn Foundation
“Relaxation” frees the heart
“Courage” opens the heart
“Compassion” fills the heart
Thank you so very much for giving me the gift of all three.
Please find a letter of sincere appreciation + gratitude. Please count on me to help give the Sanborn Foundation the recognition it deserves.
With many thanks,

Arlington, MA

It is beyond belief what a unique and amazing resource you are for the residents of Arlington.  Being diagnosed with cancer has been an emotionally traumatic experience for me on many levels.  This includes the overwhelming financial costs that are related to my treatment.  The funds that I have received from the Sanborn Foundation are a ray of sunshine and hope in what has been a dark storm and will be of immense help as I continue to struggle with this disease.  Thank you very very much.
Arlington, MA
“I wanted to send my deepest, heartfelt thanks for all financial support I was given during a very difficult diagnosis and recovery this year.
Eight months post-surgery, I am fully back to life… working, swimming, travel, time with friends and family.
The support I got from Sanborn was invaluable, and made an uncertain time just a bit easier.” M.S.

“Thank you so much for all the support you have given to me. It has made my cancer journey more manageable and affordable so I could use some of the symptom management  services such as acupuncture.
I deeply appreciate your unique support to Arlington’s community and myself.”