Making a Difference



Relay for Life 
 June 13-14, 2015
6:00pm - 6:00am

Arlington High School
869 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA

Relay for Life






How to Apply


Click here to print a copy of the application form. Please fill out the form and mail it to the Foundation. There are more detailed instructions below. 

Please contact us if you have questions about how to fill out the application:  (781) 643-7775





  1. Individual applicants must be a resident of Arlington, Massachusetts

  2. The contact person should be someone who can be reached if the primary applicant is unavailable (include a phone number if different from applicant’s)

  3. If the primary applicant cannot sign, a family member or health care professional may sign for her or him.

  4. A letter from a physician stating the cancer diagnosis and need for the requested service or item is required but need not accompany this form.

  5. Send the completed, signed original application to the Foundation. Please do not send copies.
    The Sanborn Foundation
    PO Box 417
    Arlington, MA 02476-0052  




Organizations may use (up to) 8 additional pages to provide the following information:

  1. Provide a statement of the need that the project will address.

  2. Describe the project.

  3. Describe how the proposed project fits in with other programs or activities sponsored by your organization.

  4. Describe, specifically, what the funds will be used for. Provide a detailed description of the services, activities, or equipment for which funds are being requested.

  5. Describe your organizational structure and size.

  6. Describe how the grant will benefit the community of, or individuals within, the town of Arlington, Massachusetts.

  7. Attach a detailed budget, including other sources of funds that may be used for this project, such as matching grants.

  8. Describe an evaluation plan for the project.  How will the effectiveness of the funded project be determined?

  9. Send 12 copies of the completed and signed application to:
    The Sanborn Foundation
    PO Box 417
    Arlington, MA 02476-0052

Click her to print the application form.