Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply to the Sanborn Foundation?

The Sanborn Foundation only supports Arlington, MA residents with cancer-related expenses.

The Sanborn Foundation also supports programs related to the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer which benefit the Arlington, MA community.

How do I apply?

Beginning February, 2018, all grant requests to the Sanborn Foundation are to be submitted online with a short application by Clicking on “Apply Online” in the navigation bar above.

In addition to the application, a letter or document from your medical provider verifying your cancer diagnosis is required.  The document can be uploaded to the application (by scanning or uploading a photo), or emailed to gvantartwijk@gmafoundations.com or mailed to: Sanborn Foundation, P.O. Box 417, Arlington, MA  02476

If it is difficult for you to apply online PLEASE:

1)      Invite someone else – family, friend, medical professional, caseworker – to submit the application on your behalf online;

2)      If you do not have anyone who can submit the application for you, PLEASE call the Sanborn Foundation at 617-391-3092 for assistance.  We are committed to helping eligible persons apply, regardless of internet availability.

Organizations submitting grant proposals should also apply via the application portal by clicking “apply online”.

I am a returning applicant; do I need to make an account?

Yes, all applicants (new and returning) are required to complete the one-time registration.

What types of expenses will the Sanborn Foundation pay for?

The Sanborn Foundation will only pay for cancer-related expenses for Arlington residents who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Here are some examples of expenses often covered:

Acupuncture and massage

End-of-life care

Home care services

Medical costs, such as co-pays and deductibles

Medical equipment

Over-the-counter medications and supplies

Prescription medications

Transportation/Parking (ex: Uber/Lyft, parking garage fees, chaircar rides)

Requests for payment of other items not listed here are also invited.

The Sanborn Foundation is able to reimburse you for approved expenses once you submit proof of payment or pay a provider or vendor directly on your behalf.

The Sanborn Foundation Board of Directors has the sole authority to approve and deny grant requests and reserves the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

What if I have questions or need assistance with the application process?

Please call the Sanborn Foundation at 617-391-3092 or send an e-mail to gvantartwijk@gmafoundations.com .

The Sanborn Foundation is working with GMA Foundations to assist with grantmaking administration.  A staff person from GMA Foundations will respond to your call or email to answer questions and assist you with the application and grant process.

What is the grant approval process?

Once the completed application and letter confirming your cancer diagnosis have been submitted, the grant request will be reviewed.  Some requests are reviewed quickly; others are presented to the full board for review at a Board meeting held five times a year. Decisions will be announced by email, unless otherwise requested.

What if my request is urgent?

If you have an urgent need that necessitates a quick decision, please indicate this on the application. Foundation staff will contact you once they have received your application to discuss the urgency. After a decision has been made about your grant request, you will receive an email or a letter about the decision.

Once approved, how do I submit requests for payment?

Once your grant request has been approved. You will be given instructions on how to submit proof of payment for the expenses for which you would like to be reimbursed and/or how to request a check be issued to a provider on your behalf. All receipts must be uploaded through your account in the application portal.

If my cancer expenses exceed my original grant request, can I apply for additional funds?

Yes, additional applications from the same client will be accepted and reviewed.

Assistance with transportation

Individuals requesting reimbursement for assistance with rides to cancer-related medical appointments, do not need to apply to the foundation but should contact the Arlington Council on Aging, 781-316-3400 to request that assistance directly.

(The Council on Aging has a grant from the Sanborn Foundation to set-up and pay for rides for Arlington residents of any age at no cost to client.)

I forgot my password

If you forget your password, visit the login page by clicking “apply now” above and then choose “Forgot Your Password?” The system will send you an email to reset your password.

For any other assistance please call 617-391-3092, or email gvantartwijk@gmafoundations.com